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The Service interface contains information about services for all the aircrafts.  
Date form where to start estimating servicetime.  
Name of the service. Not allowed to add two services with  
the same name on the same aircraft.  
Service in (hours):     
Time left for the service to be done.  
From date:        
Estimate time left for the service from a the date.  
Total flight time:        
Estimate time left for service from the aircrafts total flight time.  
Service done:        
Checked when all the elemets in the checklist is checked and completed.  
Time left for service:  
Displays the time left for the service to be done.  
A "Stop" sign will be displayed if the flight time exceeds the servicetime and  
if the service is not completed. The exceeded time wil be shown in red color.  
Add checkpoints element in more detail about the service.  
You can check off each when they are done.  
Previous services:     
Displays all the aircraft services.  
If you have added picture to the aircraft  
(under Settings, see: Settings) the aircraft picture will  
be shown here.